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Cattle Soda

Category : Cattle Product

Active  Prebiotics
Instant Probiotics
Minerals(Ca, P, Zn, Fe, Na, Mg)
Many more research Items
Use :
• Our formula is unique to cure all problems  related digestion
• It is very helpful in Gas, constipation, Acidosis and bloat
• It is a combination of prebiotic and probiotic so, It digests all type of foods
• It act as strong appetizer so, animal will not west its foods
• It is best option in bloat condition. With 200 gm dose in warm water, it gives relief in bloat within few minutes.
• It helps to overcome off feed anorexia
• When it gives with mineral or with any feed supplements, It give best result for higher milk & Fat production

Dose :

50 gm for big Animal

25 gm for small Animal