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Cal C Gel

Category : Cattle Product

Calcium                                  6600 mg
Phosphorus                            3400 mg
Vitamin D3                           32000 IU
Vitamin B12                          400 mcg
Pueraria mirifica ext.            200mg
Propionic Acid                      500mg
Energy Sources                     Q.S.
Regular Use:-
• For higher milk yield, administer one bottle 
  per animal per day for 5-10 days or as 
  directed by the Veterinarian.
To Prevent Milk Fever :-
• Give one bottle at the first sign of calving 
  & give another bottle 6-12 hours post 
  calving, repeat every 12 hours as needed 
  or as directed by the Veterinarian. A post 
  calving dose of Cal C Gel is very beneficial.
• As an aid to prevent milk fever & 
  associated complications.
• As an aid to increase the milk yield.
• As an aid to favour  the normal contraction 
  of uterus, normal calving & timely expulsion 
  of placenta.
• Cal C Gel is a comprehensive nutritional 
  supplement formulated to supply the 
 essentials nutrients to dairy animals.