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PolZyme Pet

Category : Pet Product

Each 5 ml contains
Ferrous Gluconate                      200 mg 
Ferric Ammonium Citrate          85 mg
Vitamin B1                                   18 mg
Vitamin B2                                   5mg
Vitamin B12                                60 mcg
Nicotinamide                              45 mg
Calcium Lactate                         300 mg
Choline Chloride                        750 mcg
Iron                                              75 mg
Liver extract                               150 mg
Yeast Extracts                            150 mg
Chicken Flavour Sorbitol Base

•Provides natural source of iron to alleviate pernicious anemia.
•Improves liver function to improve appetite.
•Natural source of highly bio available vitamins.

Direction for use :
•As Feed Supplement 5ml (equ. To 1 st approx) for small dogs and cats.
•5-10ml (5ml. equ. To 1 st approx)in medium and large dogs.
•Repeat twice daily for 15-20 days or as directed by the Veterinarian