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Category : Poultry Product

Each 100 ml Contains
BKC Solution (Benzalkonium Chloride I.P)     18% V/V
Citric Acid I.P                                                   24% V/V
Inert Ingredients                                              Q.S.



  • Eliminate the disease causing pathogens viz, bacteria, virus, mycoplasma, fungi and protozoa
  • Sanitize drinking water.
  • Keeping  farm and hatchery hygienic.
  • Works  as a broad spectrum of activity as disinfectant.
  • Works as a  broad spectrum of activity as a water sanitizer.
  • Ensures  safety – Non corrosive.
  • Ensure safety even in presence of birds.
  • Best acidifier, can be used even in presence of birds.
  • Remove scales, mineral deposits, junk & slime from water pipes, rescale water lines.


For Water Sanitization & Acidifier: 5-8 ml in 20 liter 
of water.
For Disinfection & Descaling : 10-20 ml per liter of 
water should be used regularly.