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Digestive Bolus

Category : Cattle Product

Nutritional value of each bolus contains

DEXTROSE                               200 mg

COBALT SULPHATE                1.92 mg

COPPER SULPHATE               3.84 mg

GINGER POWDER                  200 mg

LIVE YEAST CULTURE             2000 mg

LACTIC ACID  BACILLUS        60 million CFU

LIVER EXTRACT                      10 mg

FUNGAL DIASTASE                60 mg

DL-METHIONINE                   100 mg

L-LYSIN                                    100 mg




•Improves Digestion
•To improve digestive problems such as constipation, bloating, heartburn, and nausea.
•Improve by metabolic activities;
•Improves macro-nutrient metabolites in animals
•Lowers the serum cholesterol
•Decreases the ammonia gas production
•Stabilizes the rumen pH & rumen micro flora Digestibility of dietary components and intestinal enzymes.
•Increase Hunger
•Animals bring back animal on feed.
•Better Growth
•Helps to improve the metabolic activity in animal body.
•Increases efficiency of milk yield and nutrient digestibility's for early lactation.
•and without causing stress to the animals.
•Improve male infertility and impotence


•For High Yielding cattle –
•Large animals: 2-4 bolus daily.
•Small animals: 1-2 bolus daily or as directed by the Veterinarian.