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Category : Cattle Product

In India,  we launched first time Pure Herbal Powder for helps to reduce Prolapse (1st ,2nd degree )

Composition :

Sea plants
Wild plants
Potent energetic sources
Herbal extract


•Prolapse  powder is Pure Herbal & safe for pregnant animal.

•Very effective in pre-partum Prolapse (1st degree & 2nd degree).

•Effective In habitual Prolapse.

•Gives support to uterine musculature.

•Strengthens pelvic ligaments & broad ligament.

•Helps in shrinkage of the Prolapsed organ which helps to put the organ back to its anatomical position.


•Large animal: 100 gm in buttermilk in every morning & Evening up to 3 days by orally.
•Small animal: 50 -100 gm in buttermilk in every morning and evening up to 3 days by orally